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The office

Our story

Martignetti – Romano Bureau continues, with passion, a long tradition.
We have been lawyers for four generations and represent one of the oldest Roman forensic dynasties.
It all started with lawyer Salvatore Martignetti, admitted as prosecutor to the Court of Appeal of Rome already in the early ‘900, when the members were very few. In has continued in the end of the 40’s with his son, lawyer Mario Martignetti, one of the most famous personalities of the Roman forum. In 1978, lawyer Maria Martignetti entered the studio and, after some years, her two sons, lawyer Claudia Romano and lawyer Luigi Romano.
Notwithstanding the passage of decades, we have always remained faithful to the ancient values and ethics on which the Bureau was founded.
We will be old-fashioned but we will always continue to work as we have been taught to do by those who came before us, always animated by a strong desire to provide attentive and qualified service to all our clients.

The office policy

The firm operates in strict compliance with the principle of independence of advocacy and forensic ethics and with the uttermost respect towards the institutions that supervise upon it.
It is given utmost importance to the relationship of trust with our customers in oder to understand and satisfy their needs.
Confidentiality, courtesy, punctuality, reliability are the values that distinguish us and that made it possible for us to earn over the years the satisfaction and the trust of our clients.


The office today

The Firm provides for both judicial and extrajudicial assistance, in litigation and arbitration.

Great attention is paid in assisting our clients during pre-litigation in order to prevent or settle any possible controversy through the experiment of ADR’s (“Alternative Dispute Resolution”) and the provision of settlement agreements and conciliation, which often occur during “assisted negotiations” and mediation procedures.

To this end the Bureau has created as well counseling center, specialized in family mediation.

Particular attention is devoted to the following sectors: family law, contracts, property law, commercial law, bankruptcy, labor law, civil law and administrative law, expropriation for public use, medical liability as well as private international law and EU law.

Thanks to the many experiences gained over the years, the firm is able to offer today to its customers high quality services, with a specialist and personalized approach and organization able to meet our clients’ specific requirements. We favor teamwork in fulfilling the mandate given us, choosing our lawyers in accordance to the specific skills needed to solve every single issue, in order to offer prompt and efficient results.

We follow directly all disputes in the territory of the Civil Court of Appeal of Rome (also as domiciliaries of other law firms).

We are also able to provide effective assistance both in Italy and abroad thanks to our network of qualified correspondents.


"La scoperta di una soluzione consiste nel guardare la stessa questione come fanno tutti, e pensare qualcosa di diverso" (Albert Szent-Gyorgyi).